Pam told us afterwards that her birthday celebration was the best day of her life.

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Janice needed the support of the Children’s Center to deal with issues in her life, and we gave her the skills needed to prosper.

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How We Serve

Since 1998, the Children’s Center has been a beacon for nurturing children and families through proactive, instructive support and encouragement.

Family Services

The Children’s Center provides a wide range of parenting and family programs that are research and evidence-based models designed to help prevent child maltreatment through intervention. Throughout these programs, parents increase their parenting skills, knowledge, and relationships with their children and learn how to be their child’s first teacher.

Youth Services

The Children’s Center provides evidence-based programs for at-risk or court-involved youth, as well as youth that need extra support during adolescence. Children’s Center youth programs operate in partnership with local juvenile crime prevention councils, court staff, school personnel and other stakeholders to best identify and serve the children in each community.

Behavioral Health Services

We offer a wide range of mental health services for children, families, and adults through secure virtual telehealth, or in person. Our clinical programs include appropriate assessments, treatment planning and outside referrals as needed. We utilize evidence-based techniques/modalities and specialize in trauma Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We also provide specialty services for The Department of Social Services, Juvenile Justice and other local agencies such as Comprehensive Clinical Assessments, specialized counseling programs and recommended level of care/placement.

Building families and community today

The Children’s Center of Northwest North Carolina offers a wide range of programs that support children, families and community.

Our indicators of success

100% of families who have completed the Nurturing Parenting Program experienced an increase in the use of nurturing parenting skills, as measured by changes in pre- and post-utilization Subscale Items in the Nurturing Skills Competency Scales scores, a nationally recognized objective evaluation tool.

100% of children who participated with their caregivers in parenting programs were able to identify positive social skills and appropriate behaviors.

100% of youth participating in the Why Try program had a 90% reduction in problem behaviors after completing the program.