Residential Homes

Each of the Children’s Center’s two residences—one in Dobson and the other in Yadkinville—accommodate nine and six children, respectively, at any given time. In addition to bedrooms and bathrooms, they include kitchen and dining areas, study and tutoring space, and recreational areas.

Parenting Support

The Children’s Center provides a wide range of parenting programs that are research and evidence-based models designed to help prevent child maltreatment through intervention. Throughout these programs, parents increase their parenting skills, knowledge, and relationships with their children and learn how to be their child’s first teacher. The programs are offered in different settings and capacities such as group settings within the community, one-on-one in homes or one-on-one at the Children’s Center. Evening groups are offered as well to accommodate schedules.

Youth Programs

The Children’s Center provides evidence-based programs for at-risk or court-involved youth, as well as youth that need extra support during adolescence. Children’s Center youth programs operate in partnership with local Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils, Court Staff, School personnel and other stakeholders to best identify and serve the children in each community. The Children’s Center’s youth programs are intended to teach and assist youth to make decisions that will better their future instead of punishing them for past decisions. The programs aim to improve behavioral issues, performance in school and overall well-being by teaching participants life skills, resiliency, interpersonal skills and future planning. All Children’s Center youth programs are designed to provide an interactive learning experience with hands-on activities and real-life examples.

Family Counseling

The Outpatient therapy program is available for children, families and adults in Surry County who are actively enrolled in Medicaid or North Carolina Health Choice. Services are provided by licensed therapists and include psychological evaluations (comprehensive clinical assessments) and individual/family sessions. The Children’s Center uses various evidence-based techniques and modalities including, but not limited to, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Theory principles, Person Centered approaches and Adlerian psychotherapeutic interventions.

The Children’s Center helps clients identify goals and potential solutions to problems that cause emotional turmoil, seek to improve communication and coping skills, strengthen self-esteem, and promote behavior change and optimal mental health.

The Cove Incentive Program

The Cove serves as an incentive program used as a behavior management tool to help enable youth to prepare for real-world financial stability. Under the program, youth at the Children’s Center learn how to balance a checkbook, save money and become responsible money managers. In addition, the program enables youth visit the store once month using a $20 monthly allowance.