Robin Testerman
Executive Director

Christie Horton
Assistant Director

Vickie Snow
Finance Director

Melissa Hiatt
Administrative Assistant

Family Services

Kanci McKnight
Parents as Teachers—Stokes

Brenda Vasquez
Parents as Teachers—Yadkin

Erika Linares
Nurturing Parenting Program—Yadkin

Melissa Wilmoth
Nurturing Parenting Program—Surry

Becky Johnson
Circle of Parents—Stokes

Donna Sims
Circle of Parents—Stokes

Mackenzie Gillespie
Strengthening Families & Incredible Years—Surry and Yadkin

Youth Programs

Zach Barth
Why Try—Wilkes and Ashe
Strengthening Families—Wilkes

Jessie Cockerham
Why Try—Yadkin

Nathan Swann
Why Try—Surry

Behavioral Health Services

Dale Smith
Director of Behavioral Health Services

Star Daye
Outpatient Therapist

Residential Services

Kim Guarda
Residential Youth Coordinator—Surry

Hunter Hutchens
Residential Youth Coordinator—Yadkin

Sharie Hall
Director Residential Services

Cynthia Golding
Residential Supervisor—Surry

Scott Axtell
Residential Supervisor—Yadkin


Dr. Bruce Widdowson, Chair

Chris Funk, Vice Chair

Jonathan Haynes, Treasurer

Nancy Dixon, Co-secretary

Dr. Terri Mosley, Co-secretary

Kim Bruce

Sonia Dickerson

Cory Easter

Jeff Eidson

Regina Gillespie

Bucky Holcomb

Codi Renegar

David White

Coad Westra

Linda Williams